Meet the Renfro’s: The Renfro Girls

Meet the RenfrosJane, Sue and Pearl are three sisters that are out on the town looking for
success, anyway they can find it. One or more of these women are maybe insane
and has escaped from a mental institution. Romance and crime seem to come hand
in hand with these women. Each one of these sisters thinks they have the answer
to a perfect crime.


A Ranger Returns

A_ranger_returnsJeff Hastings was a small man in stature and character.  His archaic behavior was even smaller.  He had the appearance of a weasel, with the nose to match.  He was not only sneaky, but mean through and through.  He had the personality of a King Cobra.  He was so ugly that he had to sneak up on a glass of liquid in order to drink.  He had only a few more days remaining in prison to serve; – – – and then – – – “I will be free to get out and then gain my revenge on that “Goody-Two-Shoes” Texas State Trooper, Alan Jennings,” or so thought Hastings.

State Trooper: Texas Highway Patrol

StateTrooperThe adventures of Sergeant Alan Jennings “State Trooper”.  An intriguing and exciting tale of mystery.  He runs an eight hour shift from Taylor to Palo Pinto Counties, in Texas along Interstate 20 West.  His main office is in Ranger.  He is a married man with one son.  His six year old son and he takes a fishing trip out on the banks of the Brazos River but fail to catch but one fish.  What they do catch makes his son shun from the hobby of fishing altogether.  His father loves fishing and tries to get his son back to it. Instead of catching a fish, his hook snagged something entirely different, which gives Sergeant Jennings a case to solve.  Alan has a desire to become a Texas Ranger.